Non Nobis Project

This project intends to realize a sacred music concert in ten Cathedrals (or other places of worship) in significant cities in the world, particularly relevant for their importance.



This project intends to realize a sacred music concert in ten Cathedrals (or other places of worship) in significant cities in the world, particularly relevant for their importance. This initiative is linked to raising funds to help the construction of the only museum of the world on the roots of Christianity and preservation of Holy places managed by Custody of the Holy Land in Jerusalem, where a final concert will be held.




and pleasure for sacred music in order to make world different cultures get closer.


to support Holy Land Museum in Jerusalem whose inauguration is expected in 2018 in Jerusalem. This will be a unique Museum in the world about Christian roots and preservation of holy places.


to the sponsor's activities through identity and values of great sacred music.



Accademia Musica Sacra  is a musical association based on the awareness that music represents one of the most powerful way to provide answers to all human beings' desire for beauty and Infinite. The assumption is that these values shared by musicians will arouse strong emotions,  touch deepest feelings and stimulate breathing spaces.

The orchestra is conducted by Diego Montrone, born in Milan in 1968. He graduated at Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan studying piano and then orchestra conduction and viola.

He leads different orchestras, but he feels stronger the need to create his own one. This need was due to the desire to study better the depth of music, the questions that come from it and the sacred music repertoire.

Diego Montrone Direttore





It's a grand monument that needs constant care and maintenance. But it is also a place to keep alive. That is  the aim of these concerts: to help the Dome to recover its civic and cultural importance.

This event has been supported by: Banca Mediolanum, JPMorgan, Banca Intesa, GEFI, Camera di Commercio di Milano, Pozzi Ginori, RCS, ATM.



La Cattedrale del Cristo Salvatore, la più grande Chiesa dei cristiani ortodossi russi.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the biggest Church of Russian Orthodox Christians. In that place for the first time a concert was held, ideally linked to the one in the Milan Cathedral: the aim was to spread the Christian message and the ecumenical values.

Accademia's orchestra, together with the Moscow Cathedral Choir (supported by the highest Russian institutional and religious offices) played the same repertoire as in the Milan Cathedral concert: Giuseppe Verdi's "Quattro pezzi sacri - Sacred four pieces".

The event called "Le Cupole Dorate - the golden Cupolas", included the performance of a concert at the  Christ the Savior's Sala dei concili (the equivalent to Saint Peter's Cathedral for Russian Orthodox Christian). A significant business mission supported by important local institutional relationships was linked to this event.

1.300 people attended the concert among whom, wife of the Russian Federation's President, the Minister for foreign economic relations and the Director of International Programs; the Father keeper of the Christ the Savior's Cathedral and the representative of the Catholic bishop in Moscow; leaders of the Russian industrial association; President's guests; Italian Embassy's Director and Italian General Consul: many important Russian entrepreneurs, artists and cultural life exponents.

This event was made in partnership with the foundation for Social and Cultural initiatives, chaired by president's wife.



Santa Caterina's church at the Grotto of the Nativity, the place where Christianity originated.

The orchestra of  Accademia together with the Custody of the Holy Land musical Istitution Magnificat for the first time ever played during the Holy midnight Mess on Christmas Night above the Grotto where Jesus Christ was born.

The liturgy was officiated by Jerusalem Patriarch Fouad Twal  and broadcast worldwide. President Abu Mazen(Mahmoud Abbas), Palestinian Government exponents, the Consuls of the four countries that protect the Holy places (France, Italy, Belgium Spain) and a delegation of European MPs.

On Christmas night, in the Nativity Church, a Mess composed by father Armando Pierucci, Franciscan minor, organist of the Holy Sepulcre was played.

On December the 23rd  a concert was held in Jerusalem in the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem near to the the Holy Sepulcre Sanctuary.. On December the 25th  Accademia' s orchestra played during the liturgy on the day dearest to all Christians.



"Beauty will save the world"  Prince Miskin in Dostoevskij's "The idiot" states and also Saint Augustine used to say: "the experience of beauty shakes human being's soul".

In the year dedicated to cultural exchange between Italy and Russia was celebrated with a musical event organized by the Accademia.

That event was carried out by Accademia with the Archibishop of Milan, the Foundation for Social and Cultural initiatives (Russian Federation Governmental body) the Moscow Patriarchate's Department for foreign relations and the Moscow holy synod choir (one of the most important choirs in the world).



"La bellezza salverà il mondo" afferma il principe Miskin nell'Idiota di Dostoevskij, ma così diceva anche Sant'Agostino: l'esperienza della bellezza, che scuote l'anima dell'uomo.

This event has generated important occasions of religious and institutional dialogue between the Italian and Russian civil society and economic world. During the event  music composed by A.Hilarion, Moscow Metropolitan and father A. Pierucci, organist of the Custody of the Holy Land, was played. Both composers attended the concert.

Before the concert, some small groups were able to visit the masterpiece Leonardo da Vinci's The last Supper, presented by the Abbey's prior.



The concerts, realized and studied also to value the presence of local musicians will facilitate the dialogue with the local realities and will value the selected sites, generating chances for dialogue.

The programs tend to value sacred music masterpieces and/or repertories that have been rarely played, and to support the sponsor's image. Every concert ends with the chant "Non Nobis" from the Salm 115 beginning set to music for the movie industry by Patrick Doyle.

Two performances may be held: the premiere for sponsors only and a second show open to the public. Length of the project: 20/24 months.

A concert every two months (on average) allow the time to plan, communicate and develop institutional and professional relations.

This phase is supported by our structure which is aimed at enhancing the extraordinary of each event and selected site.

Calendar and sites to be defined in detail by the sponsor. The following countries have been already contacted to develop the project.

  • Europe: Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; France; Germany; Greece; Italy; Poland; Russia; Spain; Switzerland; Turkey; Ucraine; Hungary.
  • Americas: Argentina; Brasil; United States.
  • Asia: China; India; Israel; South Korea.
  • Africa: Morocco; Tunisia; Algeria; United Arab Emirates.



A message of peace in the world Opening with an important concert, expected in 2018.

"The moment has arrived for us as friars of the Custody to share the great heritage of archaeological discoveries and works of arts that we have collected over the centuries.

The poverty of Francis is that of one who has nothing for himself but shares what he has with others.
The objects we have collected speak of the History that has to do with Jesus Christ: through the new Museum our objective is to share this heritage with everyone. We are confident that it will be appreciated not only by pilgrims but also by Jewish and Muslim resident of the region".



Accademia Musica Sacra

Via Pompeo Leoni, 2 - 20141 Milano

Dott. Francesco Serra

Dott. Alessio Sirtoli
General Secretary

M° Diego Montrone
Musical and Artistic Director

Event organiser SYNCRE born to promote, through culture and art, international relations focused and shared between companies and businessmen.